SDSM Cartel announces party elections: Murtino clan vs Skopje wing


The SDSM has announced internal presidential elections. The battle is between the Murtino-led clan by Zaev and his relatives vs the Skopje wing. MINA finds the Skopje wing has little to no chances as Zaev has ensured nearly all of his relatives and close friends embedded into the party, thus his influence greatly surpasses those of the Skopje wing led by Sekerinska. Ought to be noted that Branko Crvenkovski has started to ‘get involved’ in the SDSM, apparently he believes that the party has bleak future should Zaev remain in charge.

Here is Spasovski…

1,563 teams are engaged in updating the membership, the process ends on 21 March with the first intra-party elections for president of SDSM,” said Oliver Spasovski, Vice President of SDSM. “With the changes in the Statute for the first time, in order to show in action and to make a step forward in democratization, we will elect a president of SDSM in direct elections. That is why it is necessary to update the members of SDSM and exactly today in Ohrid at the party premises I am here to talk about the process of updating the membership. At the moment, we have 1,563 teams on the territory of the country that work in 74 municipal organizations that will visit the homes of our members according to all standards and all health protocols,” said Spasovski.