SDSM Cartel increases pensions by whopping 3 euros


The citizens are living worse day by day and that is thanks to the criminal Government junta led by Zoran Zaev. The retirees also complained, but it is obvious that both the government and the Minister of Labor and Social Policy, Jagoda Sahpaska, are deaf to their complaints.

Retirees complained that they do not have any increase in their pension payments as promised.

Only a few days ago, Minister Sahpaska said that with the harmonization by law the minimum pension will increase by 134 denars per month, and the average pension will increase by 185 denars per month and that pensions are not planned to increase linearly as was the practice during the previous government.

After her statement, there were a number of reactions from the retirees where they expressed their dissatisfaction and that they did not get what they were promised.