SDSM deals with Energy fiasco by appointing an Accordion player as Director of REK Bitola


The SDSM has announced accordion player Pece Matevski is now appointed as the new Director of Energy power plant REK Bitola. However, Matevski has stated that doesn’t mean he is no longer available to play at weddings – Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays he is available.

Though this will read like satire, unfortunately, in Macedonia everything that is happening although at first glance appears to be, it is not satire.

Levica immediately questioned whether Macedonia need this level of incompetency during an energy crisis. However, MINA from our sources in the SDSM finds that the current Director Zlatko Kjurcievski had asked to be removed from his role fully knowing Macedonia will undergo a complete energy collapse in weeks time. Due to unusually warm weather in October and November, electric spending has been quite low, however a cold front in December will collapse the energy grid across the country as Macedonia at this time doesn’t produce even 30% of the energy output it needs.

Pece Matevski was installed in this role as a patsy, to take on all the blame for the energy collapse, and apparently he lacks the intelligence to understand this, otherwise why would anyone agree to be installed as captain of the Titanic if you knew what would happen.

Never the less, do not be alarmed. For a place when someone like Zaev is in charge, the accordion player is a rather good solution for the head of a Power Plant.