SDSM doesn’t have 61MPs, Pendarovski gives mandate to Zaev


The SDS party led by Zaev does not have a parliamentary majority, yet a Speaker of Parliament will be elected. DUI statement issued today confirms it, saying that SDSM and DUI are far from a coalition agreement.

According to the Parliament’s Rules of Procedure, a candidate for Parliament Speaker may be nominated by the Committee on Elections and Appointments or at least 20 MPs. A Member of Parliament may nominate only one candidate for Parliament Speaker.

A continuation of the constitutive session of the Parliament is scheduled for Thursday at 2 pm, with the main item on the agenda being the election of the Speaker of Parliament.

The election of a new Parliament Speaker will pave the way for handing over the mandate to form a new government. The current Parliament Speaker, Talat Xhaferi, warned that President Stevo Pendarovski will violate the Constitution if he gives the mandate without Parliament Speaker being elected first.