SDSM & DUI announce electricity restrictions starting Friday


The Minister of Economy Kreshnik Bekteshi will submit a request to the Government tomorrow afternoon to declare a state of energy crisis. Apparently, Bekteshi has been infected with Zaev’s disease, so he somehow managed to contradict himself in the same sentence. In an interview with TV Alsat, after a mere second of the announcement of energy crisis, the Minister assured that there will be no electricity restrictions. Then why announce a state of energy crisis?

MINA finds the SDSM & DUI have sent a request for a coal shipment from Greece, however official Athens quickly denied their request. REK Bitola, the energy plant that effectively supplies 75% of Macedonia’s total electricity has 0 (zero) coal, no reserves. In addition, Macedonia needs roughly 6,000 trucks of coal shipment to have any sort of control over the electricity supply during the winter.

Bekteshi says the government has been monitoring the situation and for now the crisis is under control, TV Alsat reported.

As evidence that the situation is “under control”, tomorrow nearly all of Kumanovo will be out of electricity for at least 8 hours.

Bekteshi has also announced another hike in electricity prices before the end of the year.

If anyone wonders who needs to go to jail over this… here they are: Kushtrim Ramadani (MEPSO) and Vasko Kovachevski (ESM).