SDSM & DUI bandits set fire to Skopje Court storage facilities, burn evidence


Skopje Court’s storage facilities in city park, near downtown have been set on fire.

The firetrucks failed to show up for an astonishing 45 minutes, despite being less than 1km away from the fire.

MINA reached out to an employee at Skopje’s Basic Court I who confirmed for us what we already knew, that the facilities set on fire were housing evidence from Skopje’s main Court system.

Facing a certain election loss, it’s quite smart for the SDSM and DUI bandits to be burning evidence, and this isn’t their first time either. The SDSM & DUI also set fire to the Environmental Inspectorate which housed evidence of how EU’s IPA funds were spent (pocketed). In 2019, DUI set fire to PIOM, the country’s agency for Pension Management after it was uncovered that 9m euros were ‘missing’. All evidence was burned there too, no investigation was launched.