SDSM-DUI Criminals want to privatize Macedonian Post, Railways, after purposeful mismanagement


The criminal Government junta in Macedonia led by SDSM & DUI want to privatize a host of State-run companies, among them the jewel, Macedonian Post.

You know what happens when the SDSM take a state company and makes it private? Remember Porcelanka, Zelezara, MZT, Slavija, Elektro Stopanstvo Makedonija and a host of 600 companies that the SDSM completely destroyed through their “privatization” process, leaving over 200,000 people without jobs.

After the most recent fiasco called “Eurostandard Bank”, a bank that had the most lucrative contract of all, the one with the Macedonian Post Office, where every transaction at the postal office went through Eurostandard Bank! The SDSM simply shuttered the bank, allegedly it was a failing bank (complete BS), and whoever had over 25,000 euros in it, lost it. This is pretty normal, right?

Next, the SDSM and DUI criminals have their eye on selling Macedonian Post to the lowest bidder on paper as in the case with ESM which was sold to Austrian EVN for next to nothing, multiple SDSM officials pocketed millions under the table.

The Macedonian Post has tens of million of euros in losses”, claimed SDSM and DUI forgetting to mention they are directly responsible for it. Over the past two years, the SDSM and DUI have inserted over 700 employees, 360 from October 2019 to February 2020. These people make on average 400 euros a month, and large majority of them don’t show up to work, simply because there is no actual job for them, they are simply on a payroll. Millions of euros are paid in salaries to party soldiers not to go to work. Read that again. Then, the SDSM and DUI state the Macedonian Post is failing, they are losing too much money!?

MINA finds Macedonian Railways is next in the firing lane for “privatization” by the SDSM & DUI junta. So is TEC Negotino, Eurokompozit and others.