SDSM & DUI’s incompetent idiots idle, Serbian Experts arrive in Macedonia to deal with fires


After the Macedonian authorities completely failed in the battle with fires that engulfed the country, a team of Serbian experts arrived in Skopje to analyze the situation.

The leader of the Democratic Party of Serbs in Macedonia Ivan Stoiljkovic announced this afternoon that Serbian ministers have already arrived in the country.

Not only the helicopters have just arrived in Macedonia, but also the Minister of Interior of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vulin and the Serbian Assistant Minister of Crisis Situations Luka Causic. The Macedonian official bodies are considering the possibilities of how to best help Macedonia in these difficult moments. “, announced Stoiljkovic.

In June 2021, DPNE requested the Murtino Government purchase of 20 fire trucks, but the request which was turned down

Macedonia does not have a single firefighting aircraft after the government failed for two years to service the three Canadians bought by the previous government of VMRO-DPMNE which were not maintained properly.

Is it just us, or can you feel the North disintegrating and tearing at the seams?