SDSM Election promise: Sunday a non working day


Here is the PR campaign for the Zaev led SDSM for the upcoming elections on July 15th. The most interesting part of their campaign is the fact that they paid someone to come up with what you’ll see below as probably the most stupendous campaign promise ever.

The SDSM who for the past three years changed the name of the country, completely bankrupted the economy with 1.4B euros missing from the budget and over 1.5 billion in loans just so it can cover the pension system… begins their re-election campaign with: On July 15th, we’re voting for:

  1. Higher salaries (during the past three years the SDSM managed to lower people’s salaries and pensions, so now the promise is “higher salaries”).
  2. New jobs (this must be Facebook and Google coming to invest per Zaev’s promise).
  3. Sunday a non working day. (What drugs is the SDSM on?)
  4. Stronger Health System. (See point 3).