SDSM has no quorum in Parliament


While SDSM is playing a state, the Parliament is blocked due to the lack of a quorum of the ruling majority. Due to SDSM’s incompetence, the money from the citizens cannot end up in the Macedonian economy.

There have been significant intra-party clashes in DUI and SDSM. The inability of SDSM to gather a quorum in the Parliament to pass laws vital to the citizens leads to the suspension of construction of kindergartens, schools and hospitals, energy efficient facades and new, environmentally friendly heating systems.

Zoran Zaev brought the state and the institutions to the brink of dysfunction. The desire to stay in power at any cost has stalled the state. The Parliament has not been able to function for months. The institutions are completely dysfunctional.


The Parliament is not functioning while Macedonia’s public debt is growing, reaching nearly 7 billion, due to the pandemic there are 55,000 new unemployed people, and 6,200 companies have closed.

About 130 laws are waiting for adoption, 4 sessions have started and have not been completed. No new sessions are scheduled. Many MPs come to the Parliament, take pays and travel expenses and do not attend the sessions.