SDSM hires 1000s of temps to buy referendum votes, will fire them after referendum


Multiple ministries and departments in the Government have hired over 1,000 temp workers, with the number increasing daily.

The department for defense, culture, sanitation… have brought in hundreds of individuals as temp workers with promises of bright future.

MINA finds from two of these ‘hires’ they were promised permanent jobs, however for now, their positions were temporary.
From sources within the SDSM, not surprisingly, confirmed to us what we suspected – namely, these hires were precisely what they were described as “temporary” political hires and everyone would be fired right after the referendum vote.

For the SDSM it was important to gain the votes in any shape or form possible. With temp hires the hope is to obtain the vote not just of the hired, but those of their families and friends. For this purpose many were promised their family members would get jobs as well.

The one thing just about everyone in Macedonia has noticed is the huge panic among SDSM officials. They now see the referendum as some sort of ‘savior’ for them to stay in power and will do absolutely anything to change the name, despite the fact the referendum itself is illegal, but so is their Government.
What’s striking is that SDSM and Soros mouthpieces (the likes of Frckovski, Milcin) are nowhere to be found, they too seem to feel this will backfire very, very badly.. SDSM officials themselves have been stealing roughly 18m euros per week. What appears to be sheer panic that their days are numbered SDSM officials are literally fighting each other who will steal more.
Hundreds of millions of euros are missing, no one knows where the money went, there are zero projects in the country.

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