SDSM imbecile Meri Stojanova damages priceless Heraklea site after hiring her son & friends


VMRO DPMNE’s Bitola municipal committee upon receipt of information has asked the Bitola Public Prosecutor’s Office to open a case for criminal liability for the director of the NI Institute and Museum Bitola, for abuse of official position and endangering the cultural heritage.

The institutions in the field of culture, although under the direct competence of the Ministry of Culture, cannot but oblige all of us to take care of their work and the protection of our cultural heritage. 

Unfortunately, at the National Institute and Museum Bitola, the director Meri Stojanova, assisted and supported by the Mayor Natasa Petrovska and the Minister Irena Stefoska, has privatized the institution and is continuously harming it, in order to achieve personal financial gains, the committee said.

VMRO DPMNE’s Bitola municipal committee demands criminal liability for the director of the Bitola museum

VMRO DPMNE’s Bitola municipal committee informed that a few days ago, the museum director Meri Stojanova hired her incompetent son, along with several of his incompetent friends, to work on the mosaics on the Heraclea site, which was done outside of professional supervision and outside of the operational work schedule. Untold damage was done to the mosaic.