SDSM in panic after WikiLeaks bombshell, DPNE rushes to Krushevo to check Air quality


We’re not sure who had a worse day, the SDS criminal junta or the fake patriots in the DPNE who are single handedly maintaining Saudi oil based economy with their never ending trips across Macedonia each time they want to escape the spotlight.

WikiLeaks revealed what many of us have already known. Macedonia’s Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov is a CIA asset, and has been one for at least 10 years. It’s fitting since both his father and grandfather were operatives for Bulgaria. This doesn’t exclude Nikola Dimitrov being a double agent for Bulgaria and Washington. It would be rather surprising if Nikola Dimitrov hasn’t continued his family’s tradition visavi Bulgaria.

SDS’ criminal junta is already in damage control and have attempted over a dozen distractions that started few hours ago.
First, it was Radmila Sekerinska who claimed they have 80 MPs to impeach Ivanov (actually 81 is needed), however she didn’t want to do it, since the SDS were too good for our lame-duck president. Then a small protest in front of the Government was banned after Zaev claimed someone will RPG the Government HQ. Most protesters were in their 70’s. More distractions were announced for tomorrow with alleged testimonies coming from Nikolovski-Ninja, a bribed individual who was jailed for six months over the April 27th incident and has already given numerous false testimonies. Whatever it takes to distract the public from this very damaging WikiLeaks release that uncovers Macedonia’s FM and main signatory of the Prespa Agreement as a CIA operative.

Macedonia’s US controlled opposition did what they do best. The fake patriots in DP.NE ran away from the capital once the WikiLeaks info became public.
Hristijan Mickoski was seen in Krushevo checking on and discussing the air quality there.

GMO product Nikola Dimitrov no longer needed by the Empire

The real question one ought to ask themselves is, who sent this information to WikiLeaks? Why was it sent now, why not before the Prespa Agreement was signed?
Dimitrov completed his job, as he was required. Does the CIA need him anymore? The answer is they do not, once he signed the Agreement, his use has expired, and is now a major liability to Washington. This is where the WikiLeaks comes in, with the irony of course being the leak likely came from Phillip Reeker himself, as a way to ‘thank’ the traitor for his services.

And if you wonder why are the traitors in DPNE very quiet about this treasonous fiasco that would see anyone else in another country sitting on an electric chair, it’s because they too have their names in similar leaks that haven’t been made public.
Dimitrov = Zaev = Mickoski = Nikoloski = Gjorchev.