Journalist to Wes Mitchell: You aware majority Macedonians are very unhappy with Jess Baily?


When US and EU Deep State assets along the likes of State Department’s Wes Mitchell visit Macedonia, the journalists who are allowed to be present and ask questions are hand picked by the SDSM.

прашање:Помошник државен секретар на САД за европски и евроазиски прашања, г-дин А. Вес Мичел -"Г-дин Мичел, господине, многу Македонци изразија незадоволство од однесувањето на амбасадорот Бејли во Македонија. Дали сте свесни за ова?одговор:имаме екипа од амбасада која работи напорно со владата, како и со опозицијата секојдневно на повеќе полиња. Имаме блиска безбедносна соработка со Македонија. Значи, мојот главен фокус беше да продолжам да ја унапредам таа агенда”

Posted by Sasha Uzunov on Friday, September 14, 2018

Although, US State Department rep Wes Mitchell is one of those bottom of the barrel 5th rate ‘diplomat’, an assistant to the assistant… in Macedonia he was welcomed as everyone’s boss.

However, journalist Sasha Uzunov surprised Mitchell, and most certainly surprised Zaev when he asked the US State Department shill if he was aware that most Macedonians are very unhappy with US Ambassador Jess Baily.

While Zaev appeared with a frozen smile at the mere mentioning of Baily (he probably didn’t understand the question), Wes Mitchell on the contrary calmly acknowledged this fact and made no attempt to dispute Uzunov’s remark. An actual diplomat, or anyone for that matter would try to defend its “Ambassador”. Not Mitchell. Besides, what is he going to defend really… Kumanovo, USAidSoros, the huge electoral fraud… ?

Instead, Mitchell simply stated that the US Embassy is working hand in hand with the ‘Government’ to prepare for the referendum.
Mitchell essentially offered admission that the US Embassy runs the show.

No meddling there…

-correction- We made a mistake in our earlier report. Sasha Uzunov was confused with Vanco Uzunov… Sasha has no ties to SDSM.

  • Legenda Patriot

    Sasho will give them a real kick in the guts. Trouble is they need a real clean up, permanently!

  • Nik Petrovski

    There’s an inaccuracy in this article – Sasha Uzunov has no connections to SDS

    • MINA

      Indeed we made a mistake. It’s been corrected.