SDSM Mob: We’re abolishing key rule establishing 100 day Government prior to elections


While the DPNE rats are in hiding (3+ years and counting), temporary Prime Minister Oliver Spasovski said that his SDSM party is determined to cancel the “100 days rule” under which the opposition got to govern several departments ahead of a general election and with that reduce the “abuse” of the public administration in election purposes.

The agreement was put in place precisely on request from SDSM when the party was in opposition, and under heavy pressure from the US and UK Ambassadors.

But now, SDSM demands that it will not apply for the next elections, despite widespread evidence of abuse during the chaotic July 15 elections which SDSM allegedly won by the narrowest possible margin.

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Other parties, most importantly the conservative VMRO-DPMNE who is still in hibernation have nonchalantly refused this idea, but SDSM is determined to go ahead with the unilateral move, and instead of giving way to the opposition – to appoint an ethnic Albanian Prime Minister for the last 100 days of the mandate. This will allow SDSM’s key DUI coalition partner to technically meet its pre-election promise.

Spasovski today held a press conference which he said will be his last before the expected election of a new Government proposed by SDSM leader Zoran Zaev on Saturday.