SDSM MP tests positive with Covid19 to show up in Parliament wearing protective suit


It’s unfortunate the movie Dumb and Dumber wasn’t about and filmed in Macedonian Parliament.

SDSM MP Bisera Kostadinovska Stojchev showed up in Parliament while previously diagnosed with Covid19 in an effort to show her dedication to the job.

“I am arriving in Parliament with Covid-19 protective gear to take part in today’s session where we plan on adopting all the laws that would result in thousands of people getting financial help” wrote Stojchev in her FB profile.

The laws, of course did not pass because the SDSM is fully aware that the budget is completely ransacked and can’t pay for anything, let alone financial assistance to citizens and companies. Pensions and Administrative jobs are paid on time, because Zaev’s criminal junta took a $400m credit from the IMF to cover this.

This idiotic display, this circus by SDSM MP Bisera Kostadinovska Stojchev is an effort to somehow make the opposition look responsible for not passing the financial assistance measures. Also, this type of protective suits are worn by surgeons not to infect a patient in a sterilized environment. Thanks to the SDSM, there is an infected idiot who thinks it can wear this suit in public, while the citizenry who also tested positive for Covid-19 get visited by police to ensure they haven’t left their homes.

Meanwhile, Levica party leader Dimitar Apasiev has stated he will file criminal charges against the SDSM and their MPs who tested positive for Covid-19 if they show up in Parliament for purposely spreading the virus to other MPs.

Here is the circus: it happened. If even after this Zaev’s criminal junta still remains in power, Macedonians in no shape or form deserve to have a country.