SDSM MPs attack Apasiev in defense of Talat Xhaferi


SDSM MP Martin Kostovski and the leader of “Levica” Dimitar Apasiev were a little short of physically fighting in the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia. The event was preceded by a verbal argument between Apasiev and Talat Xhaferi, who threatened the leader of “Levica” that he would “break his finger”.

Kostovski, in an attempt to defend Xhaferi from Apasiev’s criticism, hit him on the hand, which was followed by an exchange of insults, heading towards a physical confrontation.

MP Martin Kostovski as president of the Official Gazette committed major crime and is famous for smuggling in the law of languages not signed by the president, which saw the addition of the Albanian language.

Here is your next Prime Minister: