SDSM Party Activist who has never been a Judge, put as Head of Judicial Council


The election of Vesna Dameva as the president of the Judicial Council has raised more eye brows within the Macedonian judiciary at a time when less than 8% of the public has any trust in Macedonian Courts.

Dameva, who is seen in photos with Zaev has confirmed that she is a party activist and a member of the party commission for justice in SDS, was elected president of the Judicial Council. The very election of Dameva as a member of the Council was also scandalous when at the suggestion of Pendarovski she was installed as an expert associate in the basic court in the body that should decide on the selection and evaluation of the work of judges. Such a person reached the position of president of the Judicial Council, even though she hasn’t worn a court robe, ever.

At this point, SDSM and DUI have complete control of Macedonia’s judicial system with dozens of judges and court officials who are also DUI and SDSM party activists deciding whether to press charges against the very people who appointed them to their lucrative positions. No DUI or SDSM official has been charged with anything, despite dozens of pending criminal cases who are never reviewed.