SDSM ratifies Bulgarian treaty, releases 800 convicts from jail


The Macedonian Parliament at a session on Monday adopted the Law on Amnesty under which some 800 people sentenced to at least six month in prison will be fully exempted from serving time. Also, 3,097 convicts will see their prison sentenced cut down by 30%.

The amnesty law doesn’t cover people sentenced to life, those serving time for murder, rape and pedophilia, sentenced on terrorism charges and crimes against the state, crimes against public order and peace, including crimes against humanity and international law.

Also, the law doesn’t cover people who have committed crimes after 20 September 2017. The amnesty law does not cover Macedonian patriots who are still held in prison on ‘terrorism’ charges.

On the same day, 58 SDSM MPs in Parliament ratified the Bulgaria’s friendship treaty in which Macedonia effectively gives up its language, history and culture to Bulgaria.
Not surprisingly, the ratification in Skopje was wildly celebrated by Bulgarian officials in Sofia.