SDSM takes random image from Google, claims it’s “Gruevski’s palace in Skopje”


The SDSM party leadership have once again shown their very, very limited mental capacity.

Faced with dozens of scandals: selling Macedonian passports to criminals world-wide, transporting drugs with police vehicles, jailing of opposition businessmen and politicians with made up charges, astonishingly corrupt police and judiciary… the SDSM is now back to square one: Gruevski!

That’s right, the SDSM leadership has placed a fake story in the media of how thanks to them they prevented Gruevski from building a grand palace in Vodno, Skopje’s elite area.

The only problem, the SDSM literally took a random image from Google, an actual house in Queensland, Australia, and presented it as Gruevski’s palace in Vodno!

And what else can you expect from bandits?