SDSM & Zaev promise Billions in imaginary investments


“Once we change the name, Facebook and Google will come and open factories in Macedonia” – said Zaev three years ago. No one has told Zaev that Google and Facebook can only open an office, not a factory, unless Zaev plans on bringing them in to manufacture the Facebook Logo.

But when you are an imbecile like Zaev, you can say anything.

But this week, the SDSM has it was his grand press conference in which he announced eight billion EUR in investments (over the next six years).

The figure includes both private and public investments. Zaev named roads that are under construction or, more likely – in the early planning stages, dams and railway links that are talked about for decades, green energy investments, ski centers, but also talked about his plan to invest over 400 million EUR in a gas plant – in Greece

VMRO-DPMNE responded this morning, reminding Zaev that in 2019 he made a similar promise – of investments worth five billion EUR in infrastructure. Zero came of it.

The only result we saw since then is that the public debt grew by 2.5 billion EUR to a historic high of 63 percent of GDP. We expect this new package to be another ridiculous lie, the opposition party said.