SDSM’s activists damage Alexander the Great monument in Prilep


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Alexander the Great monument in Prilep’s main square was damaged earlier today by SDSM activists. The monument was a donation of Macedonian businessman Gjorgija (George) Atanasovski.

Similarly to the murder of Janushev in Skopje where the police is allegedly still trying to figure out who was behind it, the police in Prilep is also stumped who could be behind the vandalism.

Meanwhile, the entire city of Prilep knows who vandalized the monument: SDSM activists: Davor Karabeleski, Filip Nacev, Mile Stojkoski.
The SDSM GMO trio is well known to Prilep residents for agitating voters during the elections in October.

  • Rade Bozinovski

    Да му се исушат двете раце до рамења

  • Its Just Me

    The party is SDS Socially Destructive Society. This is what they do as the name says.
    Not SDSM (“Macedonia” is not part of their name…) only SDS or just vandals..
    If there is anything Macedonian in them…

  • V.M.

    I hope the demented trio gets hit and crushed by the monument they tried to dismantle.

  • Trajce Mileski

    Stram da mu bide, izdajnici
    Sami besilka za nimi 🇲🇰🇳🇿