SDSM’s Sekerinska poses under UCK insignia – says it’s normal


Families of victims of the Albanian UCK/NLA terrorist organization and veterans of the 2001 war continue to express their outrage at Defense Minister Radmila Sekerinska, after she posed with UCK insignia last week. Sekerinska met with the Mayor of Kicevo Fatmir Dehari, who was a commander in the UCK, and posed with him in his office, which is adorned on all sides with UCK symbols.

While the members of the organization were pardoned for their war crimes and many of them have been part of successive Macedonian Governments, the sight of a Defense Minister posing with the UCK symbols caused outrage across the country, not least beacuse Sekerinska was unrepentetive about the pictures, telling the public that “2001 was a long time ago” and people should “accept reality”.

Yes, 2001 was long ago, but it’s not forgotten by the families who lost loved ones. We just marked 19 years since the death of captain Zoran Bubevski, killed by a landmine planted by UCK terrorists. We paid respects with Colonel Dragan Kovacki, but those who are most called on to pay their respects, the Defense Minister, was busy desecrating his grave. Come and ask the families whose loved ones were killed if they also think that 2001 was a long time ago, said a family member.

The association of veterans from Prilep also expressed its outrage. “Sekerinska and her SDSM party have proven that they don’t care about our comrades killed in Karpalak. Going after the Albanian votes, they forgot about the heroic men from Prilep. We were being shot at for Macedonia and you honor the UCK. Shame on you, the least you can do is resign, the association said.

Meanwhile, Serbia’s Minister of Defense Aleksandar Vulin showed his dismay at Sekerinska for standing in front of UCK insignia, asking his Macedonian colleague that if she sides with terrorists, she could also spend time standing in front of a Nazi swastika, since she will probably not see a problem with that as well.