Sea foam blankets parts of Catalonia


Monstrous waves engulfed entire apartment blocks in Mallorca, while parts of Catalonia were drenched in sea foam back on the mainland, as Storm Gloria unleashed her wrath on Spain.

Sea foam, caused by the agitation of organic matter in the water, flooded the streets of Tossa De Mar in Girona. Spanish authorities declared red weather alerts in several provinces due to the bad weather.

On the Balearic Islands, several eyewitnesses couldn’t resist the allure of nature’s might and captured the terrifying tempest on their phones, some from the safety of their apartments and cars, others… not so much.

Mallorca remains on orange and yellow alert until Thursday as it faces choppy seas and rough weather thanks to Storm Gloria. 

Supermarkets across Mallorca are running low on certain items as rough seas have prevented shipping from the mainland. The island’s reservoirs in the Tramuntana Mountains are close to capacity, filling up some 20 percent in a period of one week.

Emergency services have responded to some 322 Storm Gloria-related incidents across the Balearic Islands, ranging from fallen trees to landslides and flooding, with gusts reaching up to 84kph (52mph) at times. 

At time of writing, the death toll from Storm Gloria stands at four.