SEC inserts 2,600 fictional voters in Gostivar as Spasovski meets with mayor Bejta


Yesterday, the State Electoral Commission inserted 2,600 voters in Gostivar who were removed a year ago because the voters were not Macedonian citizens (likely all were Kosovo residents/fictional voters).

There are clear indications that both the SDS and DUI, as well as the SEC which is controlled by SDS are working on a scenario for fraudulent election.

Nevzat Bejta is extremely unpopular among residents in Gostivar, however DUI nominated him once again for mayor of the town. Last week, the Minister of Interior Oliver Spasovski drove all the way to the hills of Mavrovo to meet with Bejta and discuss the upcoming local elections.

People are already very skeptical in the legitimacy of the upcoming elections due to massive hiring of 500 policemen all carrying SDS and DUI party credentials, as well as indebting the country for a staggering 325m euros only in the first two months in charge of the country. DPMNE has stated large parts of these funds will be used to purchase votes from socially vulnerable categories across the country, similarly to the previous elections.
The only difference is the funds now come from the Macedonian state budget, while previously they came from USAid and the albanian mafia.

  • V.M.

    Gostivar having 8 or 9000 voters, 2600 voters stuffed in ballot boxes can easily tip the scale.

  • jj

    U.S. and its puppets in power using minorities as a tool to tyrannize the majority – just continuous plays from their old strategy book.
    The Macedonian diaspora must all unite and speak out against this abuse of the Macedonian people. They must find a way to help all the patriots still living there.