SEC quietly reveals polling stations had more votes than eligible voters: DPNESDS implicated


If you need more evidence that the so called Macedonian opposition works with Zaev and the SDS, look no further than the latest report by the SEC.

Namely, multiple polling stations (Berovo, Zajas…) in an effort to reach the 40% threshold had stuffed ballot boxes with more votes than eligible voters – the SEC revealed earlier today.

Generally, this would be a major scandal that would negate the entire vote in those polling places. But this would be expected in a normal country, not in a protectorate overseen by foreign Ambassadors.

The DPNE had no comment or complains on the SEC report, further pointing to the conclusion that the opposition DPNE works hand-in-hand with the SDS to reach the 40% threshold!

There is no investigation or any plans to investigate why certain polling stations had 120% voter turnout! Who stuffed these ballots in? MINA finds towns under the control of business duo Mijalkov and Vice Zaev who work together will have 100+ percent turnout for the second round on May 5th.