SEC reports 46% voter turnout overseas with 832 votes!


46% of the registered 1,781 voters have voted in the 32 diplomatic-consular offices of Macedonia for the sixth presidential elections.

As the State Election Commission spokesperson Ljupka Gugucevska informed, the highest voter turnout was in Sarajevo, where 22% voted, Brussels 16.33%, Prague 14.58 %, and the lowest voter turnout was registered in Stockholm, where 2.13 % voted. In the United States and Canada, the vote will begin at 7 am according to their time zone, however interest there seems quite low as well.

The SEC is using new, ‘special’ formula to calculate voter turnout. Namely, there are 32,000 Macedonians who are eligible to vote overseas. However, only a fraction of them 1,781 have decided to register and participate in the presidential elections. The SEC ignores the 32,000 in the voting system, instead does its “turnout” calculation based on the 1,781 who said they would vote. So if 832 people vote, the DPNE run SEC will report 46% voter turnout, which is precisely what they did.

In other words, if 4 people register to vote, and 2 people vote, the SEC will report 50% voter turnout.