SEC: Turnout at 41% by 5pm, DUI&SDS boycott fails, Macedonia to get new President


The data published on the website of the State Election Commission about the turnout until 11:00 a.m. in today’s double elections shows since this morning what was warned about after the first round of the presidential elections – DUI voters are boycotting the election of the president of Macedonia.
These are the data so far on the turnout in the municipalities where DUI has voters, and according to which the difference between voters who voted in the presidential vs parliamentary elections can be seen:

Gostivar 5049 with 6856

Tetovo 6077 with 9349

Lathe 3310 with 4266

Chair 3,461 with 2477

Arachinovo 354 with 738

DUI activists rampaged through villages yesterday threatening their voters not to vote for a president, in an effort to create a political crisis in Macedonia, considering their candidate Bujar Osmani had no chance of becoming a president.

As of 1pm GMT, the turnout in Macedonia’s elections is at 25%.

As of 3pm GMT, the voter turnout has increased to 32% for the presidential and 37% for the Parliamentary elections. Keep in mind for the presidential elections to be valid, only 40% voter turnout is required.

Pay attention to IE6, where there’s been quite a low turnout throughout the day, and there are already reports of ballot staffing in Tetovo and the surrounding villages.

DUI activists put notes on people’s cars “If you’re a muslim, don’t vote”.