Sekerinska inserts Soros activists into Military Academy


“Soros Colorful revolutionaries” are indoctrinating future officers of the Military Academy,” Netpress has reported.

As Netpress writes, while the Ministry of Defense’s public relations team gave directions to the media to convey the news everywhere that DM Radmila Sekerinska received some kind of honor from deep state vassals in France, which none of us knows anything about, behind the scenes the brutal partisation of the Ministry of Defense continues unabashedly from the public’s eyes.

According to the portal, military academy “General Mihailo Apostolski” is under siege from a number of colorful Soros revolutionaries inserted into the academy as lecturers – this is the price Sekerinska must pay back for their participation in the protests last year.

The first on the list of these lecturers is Goran Vasilevski, the chief of the Military Intelligence, whose name is connected with numerous scandals.

“This man, with the change of power, managed to get a higher rank, to return his security certificate (who was taken away for security incidents), to become the head of military intelligence, and even to be chosen as a lecturer at the Military Academy. All of this in the timeframe since Zaev was installed in power – reports Netpress.

The second name that is of interest is Toni Petreski. Proved a colorful revolutionary, a party soldier of the highest degree at SDSM, a member of the Defense Committee of SDSM. Publicly known as an unsuccessful candidate for mayor of Prilep. He too was involved in the painting of monuments, now a lecturer at the Military Academy.

The third such individual is Igor Gjoreski. Both himself and his wife were promoted with Gjoreski jumping from young collaborator for policy and planning to lecturer at the Military Academy.