Sekerinska: Macedonia will stop Russia by joining NATO?!?


Macedonia’s DM and waffle house waitress Rada Shekerinska in an interview with Bloomberg stated by entering NATO, Macedonia will stop Russia!?

Despite the fact Macedonia has never had any open issues with Russia and receives only assistance from Moscow, while it has dozens of open issues with our alleged NATO allies, with her statement Sekerinska inserted Macedonia in a major geopolitical battle between the US and Russia and is openly siding with the US, countering overwhelming public opinion that supports friendly ties with Russia.

Sekerinska also went on to say that Macedonia’s entering in NATO will stop Russia from ‘interfering’ in Macedonia? The only time Russia did interfere in Macedonia is when it sent rescuers and equipment to assist with the floods in the Macedonian capital. On the other hand, the United States through its ‘ambassador’ Jess Baily has interfered in Macedonia by financing protests, illegal coup, and hand picking Ministers in the Government, which includes Shekerinska herself.


  • Wolf

    Macedonians and Russians are Brothers and Sisters.

  • Its Just Me

    I totally agree with Wolf.
    And USA must go!!!!!!

  • jj

    Well NATO and U.S. soldiers are already in Macedonia, so I don’t think it would make much of a difference. Macedonian soldiers would probably be more active in supporting roles in the U.S.’s or NATO’s wars or occupations.