Sekerinska Q&A in Aerodrom, mostly As, no Qs


Sekerinska is visiting Aerodrom tonight, where she is campaigning for the name change.
During what was suppose to be Q and A session, a retiree attempted to ask a question… however, as soon as Sekerinska’s thugs realized the question is not coming from an SDS activist, first he got shoved, got his documents taken away, and his mic was turned off.

Once a junta, always a junta.

  • Car Samoil Ohrid 🇲🇰

    She’s disgusting f….en zivotno!!!

  • Maco

    Respect to this brave dedo for standing up to scum traitors. He does not fear them. So why does the rest of the population fear the psycho Zaev and all the other traitors. The country belongs to Macedonians, so why are they not fighting for it. Give this dog and her supporters a nice rope necklace and let them all swing on the branches of a trees.

  • Jole

    Cuz we all forgot our past & became pussies for the imperial lymies & murica. If you don’t stand up to that which you fear, you will always fear it, but once you stand up to it, it will be more fearful of you. This crap that has infested the country has be eradicated.