Sekerinska: Soldiers deployed in Prilep, Kumanovo “to maintain order”


With coronavirus cases increasing quickly in Prilep, the army was ordered into the city today to maintain order at banks and supermarkets. Defense Minister Radmila Sekerinska and other Government officials were in Prilep today, as 15 soldiers deployed to order citizens to keep distance from each other.

Prilep has 75 Covid-19 cases and two deaths. The soldiers, while few in numbers, were visibly deployed and were ordering citizens who would queue before foods stores, pharmacies and banks, to stand at at least two meters from each other. With the curfew in effect, elderly citizens have only two hours to conduct all their business, while others have until 16h, which causes long lines and tensions frequently flare up.

Prilep Mayor Ilija Jovanovski said that he asked for the military to assist the city. “The citizens are feeling safer with the soldiers around and we will continue to use them in teh coming days”, Jovanovski said.

Sekerinska said that soldiers will also be deployed in Kumanovo, for the same purpose.

We are supporting the municipality and adopting measures to ensure that the citizens are safe in their everyday life. The purpose of the deployment is not to create fear but to maintain order, Sekerinska said.