Serbia denounces Israel over Croatia anniversary attendance


Serbia denounced Israel on Monday over its military jets and envoys taking part in a ceremony in Croatia marking a victorious 1995 offensive against rebel Serb-held territories.

Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic said that “it’s sad that an Israeli flag flew yesterday at the celebration of that criminal action,” AP reported.

He said it is “immoral” that Israel took part in the commemoration when tens of thousands of Jews, as well as Serbs and Gypsies, perished in Croatian Nazi-run death camps during World War II. Three Israeli Air Force F-16s took part in a flyby during Sunday’s ceremony marking the anniversary of the operation that restored Croatia’s control over land held by rebel Serbs during the 1991-95 war.

  • jj

    Jews have a long history of doing lying propaganda against Serbs. The famous British writer, Rebecca West, wrote in her book “Black Lamb and Gray Falcon” that the Jews writing lies and propaganda against the Serbs were known as “revolver journalists” and this was even before WWI. They most likely played a role in whipping up Austrian and German hate of Serbs even higher than it was.