Updated: Serbia removes diplomats from Macedonia


The Serbian Government has withdrawn its entire personnel from their diplomatic offices in Macedonia, leaving their Embassy empty.

Macedonia’s MOFA received an official note from Belgrade, without getting an official reason behind this scandalous move.

Macedonia’s Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov has stated he will reach out to his colleagues in Belgrade to find out what the reason for this move is. Serbia has such little respect for PM Baily’s Government, they felt it’s not even prudent to inform them why they are leaving…

According to the Vienna convention, Macedonia now must take care of the Serbian diplomatic offices while they are absent.

Quite bizarrely, there were over 100 policemen present in front of the Serbian embassy in Vodno, a hill overlooking the capital. No information is released by the police or the Government, if one can call our crime infested swamp a “Government”.

The Serbian embassy staff was not allowed to give any information as they left. Zaeviqi and Dimitroviqi also have no information, allegedly.

However, Macedonian Prime Minister Jess Baily and our president Hoyt Yee have information.
Namely, Macedonia was tasked to open a case in UNESCO to insert Kosovo into the UN organization. No country in Europe wanted to touch this sensitive subject as many European countries not subservient to Washington haven’t recognized the US protectorate as a ‘country’, so our PM and president (mentioned above), both of which work for the Deep State and the Albanian drug cartels have picked Macedonia to make the proposal. The proposal must be submitted in September, and the vote takes place in November.

The Serbs were rightfully outraged that their “orthodox brothers” were stabbing them in the back, again. Last time Macedonia (and Greece) voted for Kosovo to enter UNESCO, but the vote luckily failed. Shockingly, Indonesia, a huge muslim nation of 255 million people voted against the US protectorate to enter UNESCO, being aware who was behind the vote.

The Serbs will lose their sacred monasteries should the crime infested province is allowed to enter. But Kosovo has Macedonia’s Prime Minister Jess Baily and our President Hoyt Yee on their side.

Baily’s representative, Zajko Zaev a psychopath of epic proportions who promised Vucic “no way Macedonia would do such a thing”, has created “friendship” agreements with Bulgaria and Albania who openly show aggressive tendencies and thretan the country publicly stating it should be destabilized and split, at the same time destroying the relationship with Serbia who has supported Macedonia in the past.

The next move for Serbia, according to some speculation is to close the border with Macedonia which will absolutely happen when Baily’s reps present the proposal at UNESCO in few weeks time.

The current Macedonian opposition has no say in any of this, they too are firmly under US Embassy control – since 2014.

To call Macedonia a banana country at this point would be a clear insult to bananas.

  • V.M.

    Wow, removing diplomats from a protectorate requires certain professionalism, the Serbs at this point don’t really think Macedonia is a country…. and they are right.

    Dimitrov will reach out to them, but first let him finish the hashish Borjan Jovanovski brought him.

  • R_U_Jhoking

    Good. They should close the border. Block all trade and expel Macedonian diplomats from Serbia. Perhaps some of the Yugoslavs will wake up and question these tyrants in Skopje.

  • Wolf

    I cant believe I’m saying this. I think Greeks and Serbs Need to protest against the current Macedonian Government.

  • Its Just Me

    Not surprised, even Macedonian diplomats left Macedonia…
    Loved the comment “Zajko Zaev” love it!!!
    At the one wit the bananas :)))

    And if we do enter a war with Serbia, they surely will beat up Zajko Zaev back to the hole… 🙂