Serbian attorney Jovanovic: SPO’s Janeva is half-educated incapable of reading a sentence


Popular Serbian attorney Miro Jovanovic spoke of the illegal installation of “Special public prosecutor” in Macedonia by the “West” and that similar attempts have been made in numerous countries around the world.

How can a prosecutor eavesdrop on clients and then use that material in Court? Look at who they (US and its EU vassals) installed in Macedonia as a special public prosecutor? They dug up this half-educated clueless woman that no one has ever heard of, from Gevgelija – population 15,000, they put this woman in charge on national level! She isn’t capable of reading a sentence from a file written for her. This woman runs Macedonia’s illegal legal system. You have a half-educated woman – concludes Jovanovic.

Janeva became a hit in Macedonia when her University grades became available to the public. She mustered a 6.24 GPA to obtain her degree in Law, which is equivalent to getting a diploma in the US/Australia with a D average. In most universities, a D will disqualify a student from being eligible to obtain a diploma.
The icing on the cake is that professors helped Janeva and did her a favor by giving her 6’s due to her connections – her father is a judge.