Serbian Church doesn’t want a Lesbian Prime Minister


The Serbian Orthodox Church is trying in every way to prevent the possibility of Ana Brnabic becoming the new prime minister, the local daily ‘Blic’ reports.

The paper says that Brnabic, currently the minister of state administration and local self-government is a candidate for the job, along with First Deputy PM and Foreign Minister Nikola Selakovic.

However, Blic says, the Church is opposed ‘because Brnabic is gay’ – i.e., lesbian.

An unnamed source is quoted as saying that Brnabic’s possible election is the topic of ‘each meeting of Church leaders’ who ‘use every opportunity to present this problem in their conversations with representatives of the authorities in Belgrade.’

Blic further notifies that PM Aleksandar Vucic, who will soon become president, ‘cares about the opinion of the patriarch and the SPC, but this time it won’t be decisive.’

The daily recalled that ‘Vucic himself has said that the list of (possible) future prime ministers has been reduced to two-tree names.