Sign collector Gjorcev recognizes Guaido as president of Venezuela


When you work for the State Department, you do what you gotta do. Sign collector and mailman Vlatko Gjorcev is not an exception.

US State Department’s presidential candidate Vlatko Gjorcev who announced his candidacy by proclaiming he knows every street and village in the country thus making him an effective mailman in the process, stated on his Facebook profile that he sent a letter of support to US Vice President Mike Pens.

Gjorchev said in his letter that he wanted to express support for US-led positions and policies led by President Donald Trump in relation to the crisis in Venezuela. Gjorcev added that he is supporting the coup in Venezuela and recognizes CIA asset Guaido as the new Venezuelan president. This is nothing new for Gjorcev, he also defended the coup in Macedonia on April 27th during which he protected Zaev in Parliament.

This is undoubtedly very bad news for Venezuela’s legitimate president Maduro. You don’t want a key world politician, mailman and sign collector like Gjorcev going up against you.

We expect at any moment Gjorcev to declare himself Macedonian president, and Trump to confirm this on Twitter.

Денес упатив писмо до потпретседателот на САД Мајк Пенс. Писмото во целост:Почитуван потпретседателе Пенс,Би сакал…

Posted by Владимир Ѓорчев (Влатко Ѓорчев) on Wednesday, January 30, 2019

  • V.M.

    The level of stupidity in DPNE is unbearable. This clown Gjorcev needs to be selling apples in his new job, and I would never buy from this guy. What a f&cking fool!

  • neutrinoz

    “This is undoubtedly very bad news for Venezuela’s legitimate president Maduro.”
    Impossible to add something. Mailman’s naked ass is all over. Disgusting.
    Wonder if baily have quota to collect or it is just regular ass-in-crawl of his mailmen. Disgusting again.

  • Goran Stavreski

    My father, a retired high ranking officer in the army, back in 2010 when everything ‘was good’.
    “Feel free to throw a Brick from a plane, 99.9% you will hit a traitor!”
    He knew back then what dpne and sds are…