Simple math shows SDSM junta is missing 300-400,000 votes


Why the upcoming Referendum can not be successful? If we look at the simplest of math, namely the previous elections results where massive fraud was committed in favor of the SDSM, the numbers are the following:

SDSM: 437,000 votes
DUI: 87,000 votes
BESA: 58,000 votes
AA: 35,000 votes
DPA: 31,000 votes
Total: 648,000 votes (needed 903,001)

Lets not forget, for the SDSM and its ‘allies’ to get to the 648,000 votes during last elections, massive fraud was committed (bribery, ballot stuffing (SDSM&DUI lead the charge here, villages of 60 people had 400 votes cast).
With huge fraud, the junta is still short 255,001 votes (903,001 – 648,000). Considering the fact a good 100,000 of the SDSM membership will also boycott the referendum, and this is underestimated, the number will likely be higher, the SDSM will need fraud of epic proportions. DUI to ensure their Tirana platform sails smoothly, are prepared to commit fraud of at least 50-100,000 ballots (just like in every elections). Each albanian abroad appears to be worth 9 votes at home.

However, even the SDSM imbeciles realize it will be difficult stuffing 300,000 ballots, and have a plan B announced by their senior LGBT representative Nikola Dimitrov.

Plan B: The referendum will be called successful for marketing purposes even if 10,000 (or 10) out of 1.81 million registered voters vote. Zaev has already stated this. However, the traitors know they’ll lose the vote and won’t resign claiming the referendum was consultative, therefore it’s meaningless and as Nikola LGBT Dimitrov stated, the procedure will be moved to Parliament!?

Now, how will these fools move this travesty and treason to Parliament when the entire country just told them “NO”?
The simplest explanation is: the Government is led by a criminal junta who do not respond to or recognize any laws, the people or the nation.

One thing though is very clear. Once the referendum fails the SDSM will lose all legitimacy, something they never had and will have to go, one way or another.

New Parliamentary elections must be called.

  • Alexander

    Easy, just watch Zeev bus in loads of shiptari from kosovo, the buses have not stopped, given them instant noodle macedonian citizenship, they vote for zeev’s referendum next week.

  • Goran Stavreski

    I just don’t see it. He also loaded buses from Kosovo for the previous elections…
    But, there is no question there is huge fraud underway approved by Baily.

  • V.M.

    Tetovo will probably have 200,000 votes despite the city being 45,000.
    But here is the thing, Fraud is detected very easy. Sure there will be ballot stuffing with shiptars who don’t live in the country for decades, but Macedonians? If you see your name as “Voted” when You haven’t … there is your Fraud right there.
    Everyone who votes must have their names checked out… if you haven’t voted, obviously you can’t be entered in the system that you have voted. Very simple.

  • Billy

    Everyone knows the Plan. Over 200,000 votes will be stuffed (this has been arraigned since September 1st, 2018). OSCE in their report (already prepared) will proclaim “everythnig was perfectly organized”. The US Embassy will do the same, to legitimize the ballot stuffing – and there is your “international community”.

  • vistina


    No one should vote “against”.

    Everyone BOYCOTT make this treasonous “referendum” a huge failure with very, very low turnout and no mandate for lies. This is the best path.