Skopje Hotels charging Arm, Leg & Kidney for UEFA Super Cup


In an effort to take advantage of all the westerners visiting the Macedonian capital for the UEFA Super Cup on August 8th, local hotels decided to charge 3,000 euros for a two night stay! Before you get all outraged, hotels are promising free bottled water, talk about a deal!

English and Spanish fans have already voiced their displeasure with the prices and are booking alternative solutions. At the moment, the biggest winners are Ohrid and Nish which charge thirteen times less than the Macedonian capital.

Both cities are roughly 2 hours away from Skopje. Fans seem to prefer Ohrid over Nish, they can enjoy the lake for few days and make the trip quite easy to Phillip II Arena.

The winner of the Champions League Real Madrid, is taking on the UEFA Europa League winner Manchester United on August 8th at 20:00 hrs.

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