Skopje mayor: Crime is way up because we released over 800 Criminals from prison


Addressing the Mayor of the City of Skopje, Petre Shilegov, DPNE Councilor Svetlana Kolaric said that one of the competencies of the mayor is the common and systematic solution of the City of Skopje to be safe. She further revealed that Mayor Shilegov, in a conversation with her, admitted that the crime has increased substantially, and this was normal considering the government has released from jail over 800 criminals who are now forcing citizens to live in fear.

“Make sure I’m telling the truth and check the reports. 3-4 months ago outside the municipal building I asked you that I am worried about what is happening in the city of Skopje. You know what you told me: “It’s normal to have robberies because we freed over 800 criminals. They are accustomed to stealing, to kill and to return to prison again,” said Kolaric.

Kolaric, through a personal example, added that the apartment in which she lives has been robbed, including another five flats in the same building. She also pointed out that 40 families living in the same street were robbed in the Pripor area. In addition, she cited the daily plundering of pharmacies where employees were traumatized and unable to do their job.