Skopje mayor destroying coffee shops to make a street for Telekom Executives


Skopje mayor Petre Shilegov is working hard over the past several weeks. The famous “kej” area in downtown Skopje which is always packed with people enjoying a drink or a cup of coffee is now being destroyed to make a way for a street through the heart of downtown. MINA finds, the street will allow Shilegov’s buddies, the executives at Telekom to arrive at their workplace with their cars. To make way for this street, over a dozen summer terraces will be dismantled and destroyed.

Undoubtedly, there is money to be made in this “project”. Shilegov has awarded a contract to a company with close ties to … himself.

This is Shilegov second major project in the city of Skopje. The first was removing and essentially stealing the cobblestone from the old Turkish bazar during the pandemic. He used a moment when the entire city was under lockdown back in April 2020, to remove and replace the cobblestone with cheap tiles. No one knows where the cobblestone went, but word on the street is Shilegov transported it to his huge villa in Mavrovo.