Skopje resident charged with leaving an IED in Parliament


A criminal charge has been longed against a 41-year old Skopje native, who had planted an improvised explosive device on April 27 as violent events were unfolding in Macedonia’s Parliament.

After storming Parliament on April 27 as part of a mob of protesters, the man had entered two adjacent offices on the first floor of the Parliament’s building where he planted an improvised explosive under a desk.

The improvised device, made up of a firecracker and a gas canister, was first noticed by a Parliament staff while the building was being cleaned on May 2. He thought it was a torch so he intended to throw it in a garbage bin. However, the improvised explosive was later noticed by a member of the Parliament’s security, who reported it to the police.

Furthermore, police filed to the Basic Public Prosecution two notifications, namely one notification involving personal data about seven MPs and another related to ongoing measures and activities.