Slovenian spy working for NATO was arrested while filming Ivanov’s residence


In April of this year, at the peak of the Macedonian coup by US, UK and Germany, a Slovenian operative was detained as he was filming president Ivanov’s residence in Ohrid, reports InfoMax, citing STA.

The Slovenian operative confessed he works for his country’s secret service offering them NATO identification.

Macedonian police detained the Slovenian operative, took his drone and documents and booked him for espionage. The Slovenian Ministry of Defense contacted their Macedonian counterparts after which the man was released and his drone returned. His fine was 500 euros which is equivalent of throwing three cigarette buts on the street.

The Slovenian operative immediately left the country, and his Government insists that he was not in Macedonia on a spying mission, but was a private tourist visit.
As for the filming of the residence of the Macedonian president in Ohrid, well isn’t that what all tourists do?

The Government was complicit in keeping this information secret from the public and the Macedonian media for nearly two months, to keep anti-NATO and anti western sentiment to a minimum, at least until Zaev was installed in power.

  • Rob

    This is sickening and its time for the people to take back their country. Align with russia have some of their soldiers stationed in the country and nato will not dare attack again.

  • Goran Stavreski

    Whatever happened to people “having accidents”, why not drown the Slovenian operative?

  • V.M.

    Not to offend anyone, but we shouldn’t have a country. It’s like Traitors Inc.
    Fly a drone over Putin’s residence in Russia, see what happens…

    • Anita

      Its because the leaders are afraid and weak…..Macedonia can only be led by the “STRONGEST” 💪

      • V.M.

        Anita, I fit the bill, I am up to 8 push-ups a week now, but don’t have a political party yet…