Smilkovsko Lake Case: Parents of murdered teens say DUI officials Aziri and Bejta involved


The parents of the executed teens at Smilkovsko Lake demanded the trials to go faster and for their agony to end. Under moral and criminal responsibility, they went before the court and said the Court was manipulating the fate of their children. They demand that the court announce the identity of the two allegedly unknown persons, whose voices are heard on the recordings of telephone conversations – the newspaper “Independent” reported.

They also insist on establishing the responsibility of the five DUI officials, who are openly allegedly implicated in the murder. Goran Nakjeski, the father of one of the killed teens, said on behalf of all parents that Zoran Zaev has promised several times that he will name the names of the DUI officials who are involved – the daily writes.

-There are transcripts of conversation between Fejzi Aziri and Nevzat Bejta, but at the time DUI were Zaev’s political opponents, and now they are together in power. For these reasons, Zaev now does not want to give us evidence that allegedly was a state secret. We ask the Court to search the SDSM headquarters and find the evidence that Zaev uses to manipulate and blackmail. If the Court considers that we are untrue, let them call the prime minister to face us, and we will wait for him as long as it’s needed – said Nakjevski.

  • jj

    “five DUI officials, who are openly allegedly implicated in the murder”

    So those who were involved in the actual murder are now DUI officials? It sounds like a gang initiation where they kill Macedonians and then get a ticket into power.

  • Legenda Patriot

    Keep the pressure on these criminals and the monkey who Is protecting them. Their time is coming!