Solun mayor gives Zaev a preview of what’s coming



  • Hope

    Whats all the outrage about. Your on the verge of migrant muslim invasions from the south and are against giving basic human rights to christian brethren to your north! WOW

    • LXV

      The outrage is mostly about brainwashed Gayreek idiots living in the fantasy world of a “pure ethnic state” myth that they have been spoonfed by their Anglo-Zionist overlords for the last 100+ years. Gayreece is Europe’s cradle of cognitive dissonance!

      • Its Just Me

        Oh I love the name “Gayreece” :)))

  • Its Just Me

    In Titos times, we were (Socialist) Republic of Macedonia and the Greeks did not object it..
    And with the Yu-passport we freely travelled to Greece to buy cheap clothing… it was very very cheap..