Somehow Zaev goes more mental in Sofia, promises revision of history books


Not a good sign for straight jacket fashionado Zoran Zaev when members from his own party say he has gone completely mental.

During his visit to Sofia, the only thing Zaev hasn’t promised to Bulgarian officials is that he would rename the country to eastern Bulgaria, although one can expect this is coming as well.

You like to change our history books? No problem, consider it done. Want streets of “Bulgarian heroes” in Macedonia… already working on that. To call Zaev mentally handicapped is an insult to people with mental deficiencies. What Zaev has is yet to be discovered.

Meanwhile, the other quislings in VMRO are busy celebrating Ramadan, realizing they’d need the votes for the upcoming local elections. Is it really an accident that we lost Solun and Blagoevgrad?
Look who is running the country, look at the opposition!


  • V.M.

    Whoever takes care of Zaev will immediately become a national hero.

    • R_U_Jhoking

      Even a mental asylum will think he is too mental to accept.