Skopje’s Criminal Court: Someone turned off our “Copy-Paste” Option


By now surely Macedonia would qualify to lose its statehood status. The country is run by illiterate idiots of epic proportions in every single institution.

At the moment, there is an investigation going on in Skopje’s Criminal Court who turned off the “Copy-Paste option” from the Courts’ keyboards… The brightest minds from DUI and SDSM are working the case, likely to cost 9 million euros…


Below is a statement from Vesna Dameva, the president of the Judicial Council. The only explanation we would have for her statement is that Dameva was kidnapped, her brain surgically removed and replaced with a bag of skittles, and then installed as president of the Judicial Council. There is no way anyone can be this stupid!?

We will try to translate Dameva’s statement below:

“There is a danger that all computer keyboards in the Criminal Court are not working. This is certainly part of a cyber attack within the framework of the hybrid war that’s being waged on Macedonia.” – Vesna Dameva, President of Judicial Council.