Soros activist and MP Pavle Bogoevski organized Belgrade protests


New scandal involving Zaev’s ordes from the SDS. LGBT and Soros activist Pavle Bogoevski who is also an SDS MP in the new Parliament is said to have taken part in organizing protests against Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic in Belgrade – reports RTS.

Bogoevski himself came to the forefront in 2015 and 2016 as a leader of the Soros led revolution who dumped paint on Government properties. Prior to that, Bogoevski spent two years in USAid financed camps in Ohrid and Serbia where he underwent training hosted by notorious CIA backed “Kanvas” who has organized regime change protests in over a dozen countries.

The Macedonian protests, due to their weak turnout were attended by at least 200 Serbian Soros activists brought in by Kanvas.
With the regime change in Macedonia now a success, MP Bogoevski is returning the favor to Kanvas by organizing protests in Belgrade against their president Aleksandar Vucic.

The fact that Bogoevski is an MP is a huge embarrassment to Macedonia and sets a dangerous road ahead in our relations with Serbia. It also shows the danger these Soros activists turned politicians bring with them considering they are openly supported by the US and western Europe.

As RTS reports, it’s not just Bogoevski who is in Belgrade. He is accompanied by the brother of Tetovo mayor Ermira Mehmeti and others.

To quote Serbia’s FM Ivica Dacic: “When Macedonian citizens organized protests against Vucic, no one in Serbia reacted. Let me read this to you: Vasko Chachanovski, Pavle Bogoevski, Branimir Jovanovic, Zamir Mehmedi are organizing the protests in Serbia against Vucic. They are all from Skopje,” said Vucic in an interview with RTS.