Soros puppet Gordana Siljanovska wants to be Macedonian president


Another spotter joined Macedonia’s presidential race. First it was DPNE’s Vladimir Gjorcev, now long standing Soros representative and former SDS official Gordana Siljanovska has put forth her nomination for Macedonian president.

Siljanovska doesn’t shy away from her affiliation with Soros, and has listed her email address as You’d think she would at least use a different email address. She is also member of the Executive Board of Open Society Foundation.

Who are we going to see next as presidential candidate, Amdi Bajram?

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  • Goran Stavreski

    Siljanovska is a bait… She is an SDS candidate supported by Baily, being sold as “independent”

  • neutrinoz

    Gillette observation. Especially Nr. 4.
    Nr 7 is also revealing. About quality of professors’ presidential candidate. Ones we were brought to believe that have capacity to monitor and redflag any spurious twist in stormy environment.
    Turns out that they are just plain potemkins. Atavistic apparatchiks. Dindunuffings.

    Just another postman with her gang. Baily must be in panic to hide etnocid at plain view by simulating presidential elections.

    Do not bother! It is occupation! Quislings and collaborators are always part of it.

  • Legenda Patriot

    Hej Gordana. Imam golem pozdrav za tebe! Fuck off!