Soros again involved in latest Trump leaks


The OCCRP investigative reporting group funded by left wing billionaire George Soros was named as involved in the latest scandal that the Democratic Party is creating over US President Donald Trump.

OCCRP did extensive reporting on the Ukraine scandal, where the Public Prosecutor was removed under pressure from former US Vice President Joe Biden after he initiated an investigation into the hiring of Biden’s son Hunter to the board of a large Ukrainian oil and gas company. OCCRP reporting insists that the prosecutor should have been fired, supporting Biden’s position in the scandal, and it was evoked by the still unnamed CIA leaker, whose comments are used as basis to begin an impeachment process against President Trump. The Democrats are impeaching Trump because he asked Ukraine to investigate the replacement of the prosecutor and whether Joe Biden, who is currently the Democratic front-runner for the 2020 elections, was abusing his power to shield his son and his corrupt dealings in Ukraine.

The entity (OCCRP) prepares reports on organised crime and corruption in Central Europe, among others, reports the V4 news agency, quoting the US Fox news channel. “Soros’s dirty money is all over this story from day one,” said former prosecutor Joe diGenova told Fox News.

Soros has been heavily involved in US elections as well as in affecting political outcomes throughout Europe, including the current Brexit drama. The billionaire funds left wing causes and politicians, including the open borders push in Europe and the United States.